Yin Yoga as a painkiller

stones-944149_6400530 am. Alarm goes off. Body feels tired, should I stay in bed? No Yin yoga today? Not an option anymore. Seems like I can’t live without it. How did this happen?!?

About four months ago when I had a bad period of fibromyalgia due to the cold, damp weather that’s typical for south of Sweden this time of the year, I read an article on Yin Yoga and it’s benefits on fibromyalgia in one of my social media flows.

– Aha, that I have to try it when given an opportunity!

A couple of days later a friend of mine sent me a message and invited me for a trial class in Yin Yoga that was to start on regular basis. YES!

Sunday morning at 09.00, I met with my friend and 6 other women at a relaxing and calm venue. We started with meditation and tuning in with a long “AAAAOOOUUUUMMMM…”. Half way through the class something happened in my body. The best way I can describe it is like something was released in my body. After several, at times painful but relaxing poses, the class ended at 11.00. We drank some tea together and I walked home tired but energized.

I had breakfast and sat down in my favorite chair in the living room to reflect over the yoga session and fell vast asleep for 2! hours! What happened!?! I could not get it how I could get so exhausted by, what seemed like just stretching for 1,5 hours – how could this beat me up like this?!? Well, at least it was another week to recover until next time.

That night I slept like a baby and the following morning I was already longing for the next Sunday. Oh, well, why not do some of the exercises that felt good here and now? I got my yoga mat and started –  and ended almost 1,5 hours later and it felt so great! Even though it at times was painful at at the same time felt good and was pain relieving. And that was how I then spent every morning until the following Sunday, and how I have spent every morning ( I think I have had to skip about 3 occasions due to travelling for work) for more than 4 months. I just can’t stop doing it.

Yin Yoga has become my painkiller and a fantastic way to kick off my days. I feel more focused and stronger both physically and mentally and I’m a lot more at inner peace, even if it has been and is a pretty stressful period of my life. Yin Yoga is one of several methods that I have tried in a 13 years period of rehabilitation from a whiplash injury that triggered fibromyalgia, and so far the most effective ever.

So then, what is Yin Yoga? In short it can be described as focused stretching exercises that in each pose you hold and relax for 3-5 minutes. This works the connective tissue and that in research has shown to play an important role in training and also for bodily pains, especially for persons with chronic body pain such as e.g. fibromyalgia.

Practicing Yin Yoga covers all parts of what I have included in my definition of health – bodily, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Yes, I’m very happy that I tried it, and I have a hard time to remember what life was like before.

Here is a video that further explains what it is and I’d be happy to hear more of your experiences from Yin Yoga.

Best as always,