The Wellnes Syndrome and The Sell

IMG_1463The Wellness Syndrome and The Sell are books that caught my eye last Friday when visiting the local library. Both were books that I for a while had planned to read so it was perfect! I checked them out at the desk and spent all Saturday on the beach reading The Wellness Syndrome. It was fun, provoking and very in depth, from many different perspectives, analyzed by two researchers Carl Cederström and André Spicer. One of many interesting statements was that keeping healthy is no longer the most important per se, but the focus is put on defining who you are by living a healthy life. And those who don’t adhere to a healthy lifestyle are to be looked down on, as a lower class in society. Reading the book it struck me that it seems like that at some points the wellness movement has become more like a sect mindset. It was a very refreshing book to read, even though I don’t agree with the authors at some points made, but I like books that get me thinking, reflecting and that evoke emotions. One of the few books that I in the past years couldn’t let go of and all Saturday was dedicated to it read it all to the end. It was well spent time and I highly recommend you to read it.



 Sunday I had planned to work and in one way I guess I did by reading Fredrik Eklund’s book “The Sell” – the secrets of selling anything to anyone” (read it in Swedish just as the previous book but both books are available in English). A while back I listened to an interview with Fredrik on Swedish television and it was something about him that caught my attention so much that I wanted to further find out more about this very successful Swedish real estate broker living in New York.  And boy, was it av very different book from what I had ever read so far on the topic of sales! And as it turned out, this book was yet another book that I was unable to let go of until the end, so that’s how I then spent last Sunday. As the previous book, this was a book that was very thought-provoking, surprising, and also personal and fun to read. Very encouraging with a great human touch, and transparent. It gave me the impression of being authentic and honest and actually sharing some real personal stuff. So what was the takeaway? Be who you are, use your talents and let no one stop you, including yourself. And yes, I did conclude that here is yet another Cebra. A very inspirational book on being a Cebra and on top of that you’ll get some good sales tips.



Do you have any good suggestions on “must reads” on leadership, creativity and health being a Cebra? Please comment below so I then can add it to the Cebra Inspirational pages.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your days to come,

My best,