The Cebra is on the move!

0001The Cebra is moving into the savanna of Amazon and other online bookstores and sharing knowledge and experiences on being a Cebra on the digitized savanna. And how you can do it successfully as well!

“I’m a Cebra on the digitized savanna – Are you? How to succeed in the digitized working life” is available Saturday, April 16 in an online bookstore, just a click away. On Amazon April 29.

In the first part, you can read about new values, conditions, and opportunities in the new world of work, or as I call it at times, the digitized savanna. In the second part, you’re exploring a savanna of texts and exercises to be seen as tools to being a Cebra. Why? So you succeed, whatever that means to you, in your working life.


At a conference some weeks ago a person approached me and asked

” – Are you an important person?”

from out of nowhere I replied:

 ” – Well, to me I’m important! “

And you and your life is important to you!

Look forward hearing from you here, on Facebook or Twitter.


Cebra greetings,