The best summer I’ve ever had!

drinks-34377_1280That was the response I got from my son when he was in his mid-teen when asked how his summer break had been. I had been sick and just had not had the strength to go traveling beside short visits for a day or two just a couple of hours driving away from home. So, I felt bad by the end of a summer since we had been at home most of the summer and not traveling as we used to, neither me nor his father. Yes, I was taken by surprise by his answer, and I had a second thought on how we had spent our last summers running around doing one thing after another. Never reaching what I had planned for us to do.

Every summer this strikes me again when I hear parents planning for traveling, or to be active and do things with their children. The society is so high-paced and planned, so I think what one actually needs is to slow down and just be. This might be a greater problem in Europe, or at least I can see it in Sweden, when most of those with a job, has qualified for 5 weeks paid vacation, and children at the same time are on a summer break.

What happens when you exercise a muscle, say in weight-training? Can you keep on going forever? Of course not, we need to pause and then get back on it again. And it’s for a limited time as well since the muscles need to rest to recover. to build up the broken down energy, and when one uses it the next time its a bit stronger. Is there a limit to how strong one can get, I mean without the help of steroids, pain killers et cetera? Yes, of course, it is!

Okay, so when this is so oblivious why do one think that the rest of the body can do without rest in between activities? To just be, and e.g. let the brain rest from burning carbs while spinning on thoughts that are there most of our time awake.

cricket-47470_1280In some cultures, there is a saying that “If one travels too fast, you have to sit down and wait for your soul to catch up”, and I truly believe that it’s true. So, why not slow down, find your pace this summer, and try to keep walking in your pace through life. Remember that life is not a competition to be won, but time to be enjoyed.