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pin-308802_1280Leadership, creativity, and health is intertwined and are independent interdependent. The core essence of and a base is empowerment that in this context is used with the meaning of “The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights”. Empowerment can also mean “Authority or power given to someone to do something”.

Empowered leaders empower people around them they create more leaders and not followers. And that is what defines authentic leadership that’s transparent and honest. To achieve this great communication skills are needed with the crucial talents to listen, listen and listen. And to understand what’s said and to ask the right questions based on what’s communicated from the other person in different ways. To see and engage in and with the person you meet.

In order to work with leadership, I needed a practical definition of leadership as a sustainable base for my work. The definition is based on literature and experiences with a focus on sustainable leadership. Once again it puts the spotlight on the importance of, and it’s based on empowerment of people.

foot-print-305462_1280“You experience a good balance between your body, emotions, thoughts and soul from your pre-conditions. You’re balancing yourself when you in the spur of the moment listen to your needs, not demands, and then, in your way fill them your way, with your methods that suit you the best. In other words, you lead yourself on your path, following your inner GPS. You’re present in the state of creative flow and express who you are.”

An empowered leadership that brings out the inner force and power of oneself and the people leaders works with, and it is achieved by enhancement of conditions promoting creativity, innovation and health. This will empower and have people use their talents for the best, which in return makes businesses and society successful and sustainable.

So to sum it up: Leaders create leaders more leaders, not followers. Lead words on how to achieve this are authenticity (being who you are), transparency (creates trust, understanding, and engagement) and good communication skills.

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