Cebra Creativity

puzzle-210788_1280Definitions of creativity are by numbers at least as many as for health. In order to make it clear to myself what I meant when working with creativity, I had to create a practical definition for creativity as well as I did for health and leadership.

“ A condition in which experience of time and space stops to exist and you’re totally present. Body, emotions, thoughts and soul are fully co-operating and you are. You act and create from within yourself, who you are, and you’re your own authority. What you do is easy, flowing with effort but without fighting. You “just know” and “just do” and experience that everything is synchronized. The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fall into place.”

The more balanced one is the more creative one becomes. It’s an inner peace, stillness, where one is totally present and energized and doing in being. One is in the essence of creativity, a state of being. It’s an awesome state to be in, and that might be one reason why a vast number of people around the world are trying to reach it by exploring different activities. It’s done with the aim of experience and to stay in the state of enjoyable inner stillness and the feeling of happiness. A state of being that’s non-describable but has to be experienced.

creativity-152714_1280And it’s only from this point, this state of being, where the true leadership emerges. It’s from within, from the inside out, not from the outside in. It’s the empowered leadership.





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