Leadership, Health and Creativity

Lead and inspire others to be Cebras by walking your talk. Be honest, authentic and transparent on who you are and use your superpowers. That’s Cebra inspiration.

This keeps you healthy, creative, joyful and leads you to a success on the digitized savanna  ( in the digitized work life). Success is defined by what it means to you to be successful in your life. Follow your inner GPS and trust your gut feeling. Let your mind and heart work together and it will take you into flow and the right places to be to let you enjoy life.

How do you inspire and get inspired to be and lead as a Cebra? Send a mail to cathrinatimacebra.com or post it in one of “I’m a Cebra”‘s social media channels. At this page I’ll post links to webpages, video channels and podcasts and also suggestions about articles and books that’s in line with the Cebra-mindset.

On Leadership

Leadership and Empowerment 

The key to success is trusting yourself

On Health

Health is a the base for human existence

Is happiness selfish?

On Creativity

Creativity – A state of being

Can creativity be taught?