Is a Cebra better than a Lion?

zebra-157762Is a rose more beautiful than a carnation? Is a mountain nicer than a beach?you ever seen a zebra trying to or pretending to be a lion, a rose to be or to pretend to be a carnation or a mountain to be or pretend to be a beach? They are just perfect the way they are, liked differently and serve different purposes in nature. And that is the same with me and you. We are just different and perfect just the way we are. So why do we try to be someone that we are not?

To be who you are the ground for a sound, healthy and creative leadership at work 3.0.
Authenticity and transparency are frequently used words in today’s work- and business life. I think most of us can identify when we meet e.g. a leader that is acting out of how she/he “should” act as a leader and not out of the person she/he is. Do you trust them?
I know that I don’t. I’d rather trust a person that is not behaving as a leader “should” do but is authentic in the leadership than a person doing it “right”. The transparency in today’s work life primarily due to social media increases the importance to be authentic you; who you are. And why should you not?

reindeer-160870Questions to ask oneself continuously that could help to be who you are and not the get lost in how you “should” be are:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?
  • What do I know?
  • What do I need to add?
  • What do I need to quit?

And the most important note to oneself: Listen to your answers and live it!

Good leadership skills are about good communication skills and it has to start with oneself. Good communication skills are about paying attention and engage by first listening, then reflecting and then finally talking. And these are as well key factors for successful  networking and that is crucial in today’s life and work life. On top of that, it’s lots of fun!
Networking the Swedish way is to have a fika, either with someone or with yourself. Way too seldom we take time for a fika, a break and have a meeting with ourselves. We are so busy listening to others in today’s’ digitized a socialized world that we need to cautiously need to take the time to have a pause with just being alone. I will talk more on that topic in the November blog at Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling, so I’ll keep you posted. 

Enjoy your day!

My best as always,