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Leading myself in the new and digitized working life – help! How do I go about it? Feel a bit lost in the new society and working life, where the life off- and online is integrated? Want to be a digital literate to avoid exclusion? Want to know how to succeed in the new working life and at the same time feel healthy wealthy joyful?

Cathrin Frisemo, with a degree in Medical Science, has more than 20 years experience working with leadership and work organization and its impact on health and joyfulness. She is also the author of “WIFL- Work In Fake Life – Your Guide to the Digital Working Life”. Cathrin has followed her path throughout life, and in an inspiring encouraging way she is sharing her knowledge in this book for you to:

* Get an overview of new society and working life
* See your opportunities in the new world of work
* Get tools to re-connect and use your inner GPS for navigation
* Find out how to successfully lead your life joyfully your way
* Be a Cebra!

Be the Cebra you are and succeed! Sounds simple and not that easy, but no worries, this book will help you find your answers! Grab a copy and enjoy a Cebra-life while alive!

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Some words from Cathrin:
“Great leadership always begins with leading yourself successfully from within, before you can lead others. And a good leader creates more leaders, not followers. Enjoy your reading, and remember to be the Cebra you are and lead your life successfully, whatever that means to you! “