5 tips leading to success

freedom-307791__180The Key to Success is to be You. Simple as that but far from easily managed. So far in life, no matter what area that I have moved into (and there has been quite a few), I always end up with one word that it all seems to come down to Empowerment.

Being empowered, and the way I pragmatically use it “to lead oneself from one’s own set of values without harming others”. I know, it’s a broad and in-depth discussion that jumps off from that claim, but still this is how it all ends up in various discussions so far that I’ve been in during years past.

And yes, I do believe that there is a need for sound philosophical discussions on what our values are. That is one part of finding out, developing and being You.

Success is what’s spoken of on daily basis both privately and in work life, but what is success and to be successful? What is your definition of success and being successful? Stop right here and take a couple of minutes to write down what comes to the top of your mind on what success and being successful means to you. An investment you make right here and now in your future working life.

To live a successful life you need to define what success is for you, and remember that it changes during life. Otherwise, you might live a life that’s successful to others but not to you. It doesn’t have to be a discrepancy to your definition of success and what people around you define as success, but make sure what kind of success you’re striving for. And then you’ll enjoy and be satisfied in life. You are you, leading your life and work life successfully, and making the most out of the days that’s your life.

Leading your life and working life successfully by being You and use your superpowers(talents) is all that matters in the end if you want to feel at ease and content with your life. So how to be You and to know what your superpowers are? If you’re not sure of it or need an update to move on in life, one of the real valuable resources is to ask friends, colleagues, and family what they see as your superpowers. Listen and reflect on what they tell you, and compare that to who you really are and to your values. If there is a discrepancy it might be that you’re trying to live up to someone that is not you. And then what do you do? Maybe these tips will help you:

  • Be rested and get enough of, and have a good quality of sleep. Just need to keep in mind how a tired child behaves like the whole world is against it.
  • Dare to and take the time to be alone, without e.g. social media, tv, and phone. Disconnect to others to connect to yourself at times.
  • Get moving. Do something physical on your own, without the company of others.
  • Listen, listen and listen to the feeling in your body and your thoughts.
  • Trust yourself and what you feel and think. Then act out of it!

To succeed and be a good leader for yourself (and if others) you need to know who you are and to feel at ease with it, and you need to know your superpowers. But most and for all, you need to live and use them. And that’s if you want to be successful and at the same time enjoy and feel satisfied with life. There is no short cut.

Again, there is no short cut to neither be successful and enjoy and feel satisfied with your life nor work life not being You. One last word: You’re great just the way you are, right here and now, by being You. Keep up the great work and move forward to a successful life!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you in any of my social media channels. Enjoy!