5 Cebra Tips that lead to Success in the Digitized Worklife


Take a look in the mirror. Yes, it’s to be you. No more, no less. How does it feel? Relieving? Every moment you’re perfect and no need to change or do anything. Just to be You.
Oh, have you heard the story about the Zebra that wanted to be a lion? No? Well, because there is no Zebra that even thinks of (that I’ve heard of anyway) that wants to be a lion. So why do we humans so often and hard strive to be someone we’re not? Makes no sense at all! It’s hard and on top of  it’s impossible, because we are the ones we are. How and why should we not be? You’re always the world champion in being you, no one ever can take that away from you. Why try to be anything less than the world champion you? You have your super talents and powers in a unique way, with a history that no one else has or ever can have. Perfect! Now use your powerful talents powerful and create the best out of your day.  

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Enjoy your day your way!  

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