Welcome to the herd of Cebras!


Have you ever seen a zebra trying to or pretending to be a lion? Do you want a Zebra to be a lion? Of course, you haven’t seen that and why should they become lions?We accept that they are just perfect the way they are, liked them differently and serve different purposes in nature. And that is the same with me and you. We are just different and perfect just the way we are. So why do we try to be someone that we are not? Instead, be who we are and use our superpowers to keep healthy, be creative and lead a successful life at the digitized savanna (digitized work life). To be a Cebra is about changing your mindset and not your stripes, that is to be who you are.

To be who you are is the ground for a sound, healthy and creative leadership at the digitized savanna.
Authenticity and transparency are frequently used words in today’s work- and business life. I think most of us can identify when we meet a leader that is acting out of how she/he “should” act as a leader and not out of the person she/he is. Do you trust them? Do you trust yourself when not being who you are? Of course not! And you feel uncomfortable as well. I know that I don’t trust a leader that I can sense is not authentic. Often I can’t explain why I just know that the person is not who they say that they are. So, I’d rather trust a person that is not behaving as a leader “should” do but is authentic in the leadership than a person doing it “right”.
The transparency in today’s work life is primarily due to social media and increases the importance of to be authentic you; who you are. And why should you not? It’s a lot easier and the people you’re surrounded by likes you for who you are, which make you fell at ease, can relax and enjoy the situation.

Good leadership skills are also about good communication skills and it has to start with oneself. Good communication skills are about paying attention and engage by first listening, then reflecting and then finally talking.

Be who you are and use your superpowers to lead yourself and others to a healthy, creative and successful life at the digitized savanna ( digitized work life). Welcome to join the herds of Cebras!

Enjoy your day!