Yin Yoga as a painkiller

0530 am. Alarm goes off. Body feels tired, should I stay in bed? No Yin yoga today? Not an option anymore. Seems like I can’t live without it. How did this happen?!? About four months ago when I had a bad period of fibromyalgia due to the cold, damp weather that’s typical for south of Sweden this time of the year, I read an article on Yin Yoga and it’s benefits on fibromyalgia in one of my social media flows. – Aha, […]

5 tips leading to success

The Key to Success is to be You. Simple as that but far from easily managed. So far in life, no matter what area that I have moved into (and there has been quite a few), I always end up with one word that it all seems to come down to Empowerment. Being empowered, and the way I pragmatically use it “to lead oneself from one’s own set of values without harming others”. I know, it’s a broad and in-depth […]

Grab your copy of “I’m a Cebra… How to Succeed in the Digitized Working Life

Grab your copy of the book! International Sweden Summary Leading myself in the new and digitized working life – help! How do I go about it? Feel a bit lost in the new society and working life, where the life off- and online is integrated? Want to be a digital literate to avoid exclusion? Want to know how to succeed in the new working life and at the same time feel healthy wealthy joyful? Cathrin Frisemo, with a degree in […]

The Cebra is on the move!

The Cebra is moving into the savanna of Amazon and other online bookstores and sharing knowledge and experiences on being a Cebra on the digitized savanna. And how you can do it successfully as well! “I’m a Cebra on the digitized savanna – Are you? How to succeed in the digitized working life” is available Saturday, April 16 in an online bookstore, just a click away. On Amazon April 29. In the first part, you can read about new values, […]

Is a Cebra better than a Lion?

Is a rose more beautiful than a carnation? Is a mountain nicer than a beach?you ever seen a zebra trying to or pretending to be a lion, a rose to be or to pretend to be a carnation or a mountain to be or pretend to be a beach? They are just perfect the way they are, liked differently and serve different purposes in nature. And that is the same with me and you. We are just different and perfect […]

Why Zebras don’t get ulcers

The bestseller book about stress, stress-related diseases and coping, Why Zebras don’t get ulcers by Robert M. Spolsky, is as valid today as it was when published some years ago. The point is, in a very simplified interpretation by me, that Zebras cope with stressful situations, take action and then wind down and don’t think  more  about it. At least from what we know at this point about Zebras. Our physiological stress reactions are the same as Zebras, with the […]